COMPOSITES VEC SARL is present in all continents since more than 15 years.

    Examples of recent projects :

    2010 :
    Niger, STEP Gotheye, composite filter floors France, Lamenay-sur-Loire, SIVOM, composite filter floors France, Plestin-les-Grèves, Water treatment plant of Yard, composite filter floors

    Morocco, Marrakech, Extension of water treatment plant of Marrakech, concrete floors with nozzles Morocco, Meknès, Water treatment plant of Meknes, concrete floors with nozzles

    2012 :
    France, Château-Chervix (87), neutralisation station of Pampaly, composite filter floors Jamaique, Kingston, Mona & Hope WTP, Drainage system Cameroun, Yaoundé, Water treatment plant of Méfou, concrete filter floor with nozzles

    2013 :
    France, Bouchain, EDF Water treatment plant, metallic filter floors with nozzles France, Lesneven&Lannilis, Water treatment plant, concrete filter floors with nozzles Pakistan, Faisalabad WTP, concrete filter floors with nozzles