Our filter nozzles produced by injection moulding are drainage systems used to retain filtering media (gravel, sand, active carbon ions, exchanger resins, etc.) and to disperse the flow into a filter or an ion exchanger.

They also facilitate correct operation and flow repartition of the backwashing or regeneration.

The filter nozzle shape varies depending on the application, the filtering media or filter geometry used. There is a filter nozzle for any of your applications.

Our products include more than 100 models ranging from the plain filter nozzle to complex drainage systems for large pressure filters.

These nozzles can be installed on any supporting material: concrete, composite or metallic floors.

Choice depends on service temperature and type of liquid to filtrate (please consult us).

We can also offer a large range of accessories, such as gaskets, dowels for fitting, protection caps, …

For any inquiries, please, contact our office.

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